“It’s never too late for the perfect marriage.

I know what you’re thinking. A perfect marriage? Not possible. Not with my spouse. And there you have it. And that’s why I can tell you that DonMcCulloch’s book, The Perfect Circle, should be on your reading list. While we may not believe that a perfect marriage is possible, we all know what it might look like. Don challenges his readers to take another look at their own relationships. He provides help, encouragement, and hope. If you’ve been married for a month, or for decades, your marriage will profit from Don’s words of wisdom and insight.

Based on Dr. McCulloch’s years of practical, Biblical counseling experience, he has brought together a down-to-earth, godly, and usable approach to improving your marriage. His information and step-by-step counsel will give you practical ways you can use immediately to reanimate your relationship with your husband or wife. From the first chapter, you will be given tools that are functional from day one.

The book is written to husbands. On purpose. But if you’re a wife, you will also benefit from Don’s expertise and teaching.

Believe that God wants your marriage to be the best it can be. And then pick up The Perfect Circle and practice what’s inside. You’ll be as close to a perfect marriage as you can get.”

-Ron Benson, Pastor, Grace Community Church,

Bay City, Michigan


“A very helpful guide for a Christ-centered marriage with many practical suggestions to deepen it relationally, emotionally, and spiritually. In an age in which male passivity in marriage is a common problem, this insightful book from a seasoned counselor offers a way forward.”

-Paul Copan, Professor and Pledger Family Chair of Philosophy and

Ethics, School of Ministry, Palm Beach Atlantic University,

West Palm Beach, Florida


“The Perfect Circle captures the current tension men face between societal pulls to self-satisfaction and a biblical sense of authentic intimacy and covenant in marriage. Dr. McCulloch reminds us that being in relationship with our wives is about the process much more than the outcome. He provides men a map of how to build an “island” to face the challenges in loving our wives with the intense intimacy that Christ loves the church. Dr. McCulloch, in this book, has started a conversation that I hope men will participate in.”

-David J. Van Dyke, PhD, LMFT, Associate Professor &

Director of MFT program, Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois


“Don has done a good job addressing some of the issues that married couples face today. I believe it’s pertinent to focus on the role of the husband/father in a separate book. The premise that men are basically angry and women are depressed that their marriage is not living up to their expectations or God’s standards will give you the opportunity to evaluate your own relationship in a meaningful way.”

-Jonathan Oldham, Executive Director, Harvey Cedars Bible

Conference, Harvey Cedars, New Jersey


“Great stuff– like being invited into Don’s counseling office to hear insightful and practical ideas I can start applying today to our marriage.”

-Ryan Brasington, Worship Pastor, Rio Vista Community Church,

Fort Lauderdale, Florida


“With transformative principals and key questions, Dr. McCulloch has written a book that finally provides practical tools for the husbands of today’s culture. After being captured by the excellent introductory chapter, I desired to delve into the six tasks Dr. McCulloch skillfully described. By understanding the creative Christ-like role of husbands, we may wisely become islands of successful and joyful marriages.”

-Dr. Brent A. Gray, Director, Spanish River Counseling center,

Boca Raton, Florida


“The absence of male leadership in the home has become an epidemic in our day. Not only does Dr. McCulloch put his finger on the right family issue, he also gives us men what we really need: good practical biblical instruction on how to lovingly lead our wives. As a pastor, I am thankful for this book!”

-Tom Hendrikse, Sr. Pastor, Rio Vista Community Church,

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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