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It’s a family joke.  My oldest daughter had a swim coach for her competitive swim club who used to tell the swimmers that if they wanted to swim faster they should “go faster”.  He was actually a very successful coach with this rather ridiculously profound formula.  So it became a family joke that whenever one of my kids encountered a school or sports challenge we would say with tongue in cheek, “go faster” or “study harder” or some variation on that theme.  We would laugh all the while knowing there was an element of truth to the joke.

Marriages are about hard work.  This is one of the ideas that I explore in my book, Perfect Circle: A Husband’s Guide to the Six Tasks of a Contemporary Christian Marriage.  The second task is on the topic of love.   Husbands are commanded directly by God to love their wives.  My book chapter provides insight into how to carry out the command to love.  However, it is a very a profound reality that often what we really need to do is just “love more”.

In order for my daughter to swim faster at swim meets she has to swim faster in her daily practice sessions.  In order for my son to be a better cross country runner he has to run faster in his daily running work outs.  In order for me to a have a better quality marriage I need to love my wife more on a daily basis.  I can’t show up to the race having gone slow for weeks on end and expect to do well.  Unless a husband does a better job of loving his wife on a day to day basis the marriage does not improve.  If you want a better marriage – love more.

Don’t neglect to buy a copy of Perfect Circle and review the chapter called, Show Love.


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